How can Pokemon Go serve your marketing purposes?

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July 24, 2016

How can Pokemon Go serve your marketing purposes?


It’s now been a few weeks since Pokemon Go took the world by storm and it’s not going to slow down. With so many users around the world the app had a tremendous social effect, and it’s not only about phone-walking Pokemon trainers who travel just to find the Pokemon they want. Pokemon Go is now about to become one of the major marketing tools. This article will tell you how local businesses can take advantage of the app.

First of all, let’s figure out how it works. Pokemon Go uses augmented reality to allow players to catch Pokemon in real locations, seeing the creatures through a smartphone camera. This means that the game encourages people to walk and foot traffic in certain areas increases considerably. And that’s where local businesses come in to provide their various services for Pokemon trainers attracted to the location.

Some businesses benefit from having a PokeStop or a Gym (crucial in-game landmarks) in their office or nearby. Others aren’t so lucky, but they still can use Pokemon Go as a marketing tool if their managers are creative. If your business doesn’t have a PokeStop of its own, you can use someone else’s. Whether it’s in your property or nearby, it still increases foot traffic in the area.You can even team-up with some other businesses and use one and the same PokeStop.

However, it’s not enough to just have a PokeStop nearby! In order to use the app for marketing you’ll have to purchase lures and use them to attract Pokemon. You can do it with the help of the PokeShop in the app. Buy a Lure Module, get close to the PokeStop you’re going to use, click on it, then click the white oval, and select the Lure Module on the next screen.

Once Pokemon trainers start to show up, it’s time to make sure they actually notice your business alongside the cartoon creatures. It might be a good idea to hand out flyers or hang banners. And most definitely, your place and its logo must draw attention as well. Besides, you may provide some special offers for Pokemon trainers. For example, some cafes make discounts for the members of one of the three teams on certain days.

You can also use social media for your marketing campaign. If you inform people about Pokestops in your location and the Pokemon you’ve caught in your area via Facebook, Twitter and others, there will certainly be more Pokemon trainers willing to come and search for Pokemon. And the best thing is that together with the game-related announcements you can write a few words about your business.

In conclusion, it should be said that the above mentioned marketing opportunities are only a small part of what Pokemon Go can do for local businesses. The game’s developer, Niantic, has already announced that there will be sponsored locations, which means you will be able to pay to get a PokeStop where you want it. It’s such a good news for businesses, but just imagine what huge sums of money Niantic will make!


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