The secrets of becoming a Pokémaster – Tips and Tricks to play Pokémon Go

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The secrets of becoming a Pokémaster – Tips and Tricks to play Pokémon Go

pokemon go tips and tricks

Tricks and tips for you to become a real Pokéboss in Pokémon Go.
Since its release about a week ago Pokémon Go has become the most popular mobile app in the world and millions of people – men and women, young and old – seem to have caught the PokéFever!

With so many Pokémon trainers, no wonder there’s a fierce competition and this article will tell you how to become a winner.

First of all, to start hunting Pokémon you need to download the game from App Store or Google Play. You’re lucky in you live in one of the countries where the game is officially available: Australia, the US, New Zealand and Germany. For those who live somewhere else there is a helpful guide – How to download Pokémon Go for iOS and Android.

Once you managed to install and run Pokémon Go on your device, you’ll need to know a few things about the game.

To begin with, here’s a list of terms you should know to become a successful Pokémon trainer:
Pokéstops – places where you can get necessary supplies for the game; they are scattered all over the map.
Pokéballs – these are used to catch Pokémon, just like in the popular cartoon series the game’s based on.
Incense and Lure Modules – the items used to lure Pokémon to your location.
Gyms – crucial locations in the game where battles take place; the key to success is to take control of Gyms.
Factions – the teams you’re asked to join once you’ve reached level 5. When you seize a Gym, it assumes the colour of your team.
Potions, Super Potions and Revives – the items you can use to recover after a battle.
Candy and Stardust – these are used to make your Pokémon stronger.
Eggs – regular eggs allow you to get more Pokémon, lucky eggs double the XP you earn.
Razzberries – this is what you use to feed your Pokémon to win their trust;
Footprints – footprint guides are used to search for rare Pokémon. The scale is from 3 footprints (far) to 0 footprints (very close).

Now that you’re familiar with the Pokémon Go terms, you may start your journey. Here are a few tips that might help you succeed.

Turn off the AR
The game uses the augmented reality technology to place Pokémon in real world. It means that once you’ve reached certain locations, you can see the Pokémon who’s hiding there through your camera. Then you need to toss Pokéballs at the creature to catch it, which may turn out to be more difficult than you expect. The trick is to turn the AR off, so that the Pokémon is centered on your screen and is much easier to catch. Wait until the Pokémon appears on your screen, turn the AR off and it will move to the centre of the display ready to join your PokéArmy.

Catch ‘em all!
Despite the fact that some Pokémon seem to be relatively useless (these are the ones you will find especially often) and you might not want to bother catching them, you should make sure you get every Pokémon you meet. The weak species can be further traded for candy and stardust, which you need to evolve the stronger Pokémon.

Be careful with lucky eggs
Sometimes you may acquire lucky eggs. These can bring considerable benefits if you know how to use them. They double the XP you earn for the next 30 minutes. You should start to get some of these after you’ve reached level 8 or so, and you can also buy them. Since the effect lasts for only 30 minutes, this time should be used as productively as possible. Make sure you have a lot of candy and stardust, lures and plenty of Pokémon to evolve. It will also be a good idea to go somewhere near a Pokéstop or a Gym before you start the timer. After you use a lucky egg, place a lure at a Pokéstop and start evolving your Pokémon. Meanwhile make sure you catch all the Pokémon you’ve lured. When the Lure Module starts to wear off, go and claim the nearest Gym. If you do everything right, the increase in your XP will be huge!

Use Nearby Guide wisely
The Nearby menu shows which Pokémon are around. At first there will just be the creatures’ silhouettes, but as you start catching more Pokémon, the guide will show the exact types of the Pokémon in the vicinity.

The distance to each Pokémon will be shown with footprints: 3 footprints mean it’s far away and the scale goes down to 0 footprints when the target is near you. Once you choose what Pokémon you want to track and tap on its image in the menu, don’t close it. This will let you keep track of the Pokémon’s position. If it’s in the top-left it’s very close, and if it’s in the bottom-right, it’s the furthest away.

Be a team player
Even though you don’t have to team up with anybody in Pokémon Go, travelling solo isn’t the best option. When you reach level 5, you will be offered to join one of the three teams: Instinct, Mystic or Valor. When you seize a Gym, increase your team’s global ranking. But instead of being a dedicated member of your team and trying to take as many Gyms from your opponents as possible you might want to travel with some fellow trainers from other teams. In this way you may level up real fast by claiming a Gym, then losing it to another team then claiming it back.

Use offline maps
Pokémon Go is very addictive and you might be hooked up for hours forgetting about your internet traffic and battery running low. If you are not careful enough, your efforts might come out useless when your device is suddenly off! Luckily, there are a few tips to keep your phone’s data usage to a minimum and conserve precious battery life, giving you more time to track, catch and evolve your Pokémon.

The first and foremost is to use Google Maps in offline mode. Pokémon Go uses Google Maps API, downloading maps from Google’s mapping service and you actually don’t need to update the local environment.

One more thing you should do is to make sure your smartphone only downloads automatic updates for the app when there’s Wi-Fi.
Data-conserving browsers such as Opera-mini can also help your data and battery last longer. And, of course, see that you turn off the background apps.

If you follow these simple instructions you are bound to become a real PokéMaster and make other Pokémon trainers envy your success.

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