How are trainers cheating Pokemon Go?

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July 18, 2016
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How are trainers cheating Pokemon Go?

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It’s human nature to always persist in finding the easiest way to do things. Pokémon Go is not an exception. In order to cut corners in the game people are willing to pay others for walking, attach a smartphone to a dog, use drones and do many other weird things.

The game encourages a lot of walking, because the only way to acquire certain in-game benefits is to actually cover some distance on foot.  This is the main rule of the game and it’s extremely difficult to break without negative consequences. When you play Pokémon Go, staying stationary is useless. The game tracks your movement with the help of GPS, and if you try to cheat here – you’re going to be banned. Driving also doesn’t count due to speed limitations imposed by the game. However, if you strap your device to your dog’s back and let it run around your backyard – it’s fair enough :-).

cheating pokemon goSome people resort to technology to cheat in Pokémon go. They attach their smartphones to drones, send them to the sky and mirror the phone screen to a laptop. It can help you in two ways. First, once in the sky, your phone camera can show you much more in-game locations in the area because it covers larger territory. Second, drones can move at the speed of humans, so it’s possible to bypass the speed limitations.

Of course, if you have plenty of money and don’t know how to spend it, the cheating opportunities for you are huge. In Australia a local entrepreneur provides chauffeur services for the most dedicated Pokémon trainers who need to get to some crucial in-game locations. You might be surprised, but such services are in great demand! And not only do these drivers take players to various locations, but for additional price allow them to charge their smartphones in the car (say what?).

Another service – Pokéwalk – is about to go on sale. If you don’t want to walk for game purposes, someone can walk instead of you for a reasonable reward. The inventors of such a start-up say that they will offer different pricing options for walking distances. For example, a 2 km walk will cost $10, a 5 km walk $15 and a 10 km walk $20.


In conclusion, it must be mentioned that the best way to succeed in Pokémon Go is to treat a game like a game, be a fair player and enjoy the process.

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